Capacities of Neste Oil's refineries

The Porvoo refinery is a modern, highly advanced facility, with an annual crude oil refining capacity of approximately 9.8 million t/a (206,000 bpd). In addition to crude oil also other feedstock is being used in the refineries. The total production capacity is approximately 13 million t/a.

The Naantali refinery focuses on speciality petroleum products, such as bitumens and solvents, and has an annual atmospheric distillation capacity of approximately 3 million t/a (58,000 bpd).

Porvoo refinery, nameplate capacities, 1,000 t/a

Atmospheric Crude Distillation 10,200
Vacuum Distillation 4,070
Hydrocracking 1,150
Visbreaking 1,480
Fluid Catalytic Cracking 2,230
Gasoline Reforming 1,875
Distillate Aromatics Saturation 850
VGO Desulfurization 2,970
Alkylation 315
EHVI Unit 350
NEXBTL 1 & 2 Units 525
Residue Hydrocracking Unit 3,060

Naantali refinery, nameplate capacities, 1,000 t/a

Crude Distillation 2,900
Vacuum Distillation 1,200
TCC (Thermofor Catalytic Cracking) unit 790
Visbreaker 440
Reformer 350
Solvents Dearomatization 260
TCC Gasoline Desulfurization 280
Bitumen 390

Renewable diesel refineries

The total annual capacity of Neste Oil's renewable diesel refineries (Rotterdam, Singapore, and Porvoo) is approx. 2 million t/a today. The goal is to increase capacity to 2.3 million t/a by 2015 and to 2.6 million t/a by 2017.