Neste Oil's Sustainability Focus Areas

Sustainable operations are essential for  a profitable business. Neste Oil’s sustainability work is being managed through six Sustainability Focus Areas.


Neste Oil achieves its palm oil certification target two years early


The original target, set in 2009, was that 100% of the raw palm oil used would be certified by the end of 2015, but thanks to a major effort this target has been achieved two years early, in 2013.



All of the renewable inputs used by Neste Oil are 100% traced back to their origin

Neste Oil has increased its use of waste- and residue-based renewable inputs by over 400,000 tons.


Neste Oil's No-Deforestation Guidelines

Neste Oil has published its No-Deforestation Guidelines. Under these principles, Neste Oil does not buy palm oil from plantations that have felled forest in contravention of legislation or that have been created in high carbon stock areas.

Neste Oil's Sustainability brochure

We offer sustainable solutions that enable people to stay on the move with a clear conscience.


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