Neste Oil selected again to a sustainable development index and sustainable investment fund


Neste Oil has been selected again to the STOXX® Global ESG Leaders index and the Storebrand Trippel Smart and SPP Global Topp 100 fund as a sustainable investment object.



Yes, consumers do care


Today consumers’ brand loyalty is much more linked to the sustainability performance of the company than ever seen before, claims Anne Mette Christiansen, Deloitte Sustainability. But how could we engage consumers and customers in sustainability agenda?



Neste Oil supports young athletes in the Moomin town


Some of the support provided by the Naantali refinery goes to a large local sports club. Over 50 percent of the region's families are involved in the activities of the club.



Neste Oil's No-Deforestation Guidelines

Neste Oil has published its No-Deforestation Guidelines. Under these principles, Neste Oil does not buy palm oil from plantations that have felled forest in contravention of legislation or that have been created in high carbon stock areas.

Neste Oil's Sustainability brochure

We offer sustainable solutions that enable people to stay on the move with a clear conscience.


Neste Oil's sustainability blog



Sustainability should be talked about! Read what Neste Oil employees and other experts think about sustainability!


Neste Oil Sustainable Way


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