Neste Oil brings astronaut legend Buzz Aldrin to Finland


Neste Oil Corporation
12 October 2012

Neste Oil brings astronaut legend Buzz Aldrin to Finland 

Neste Oil will bring astronaut Buzz Aldrin to Finland in November.  Mr. Aldrin, who was the second human being to step on the surface of the moon immediately after Neil Armstrong, visits Finland for the first time. Mr Aldrin will be a keynote speaker in Neste Oil seminar for selected stakeholders on 20 November 2012. The seminar’s theme will be "The only way is forward – fueled by courage ".

Seminar can be followed in Twitter with hashtag #FueledByCourage

Trips which require unparalleled courage

Buzz Aldrin has served as the figurehead of Neste Oil's advertising campaign since August. The campaign tells a story about being a forerunner, and the courage needed to take the world forward. As an astronaut on the first moon flight in 1969 Mr. Aldrin has exceptional personal experience on the subject. In Neste Oil's seminar he will concentrate on telling about courage and its role in making unequalled trips.

Watch The only way is forward campaign video