Neste Oil Corporation was demerged from Fortum Corporation in April 2005 and began publishing press releases under its own name as of 29 March 2005. Before that  press releases were launched under Fortum´s brand. See Fortum's Web site for news prior to that date. Fortum´s internet pages

May 2015

21.05.2015 - Neste Jacobs to Engineer Rail Loading Facility for Turkmenbashi Refinery in Turkmenistan
11.05.2015 - Neste Jacobs Awarded Project Management and Inspection Services contract by SOCAR in Azerbaijan

April 2015

30.04.2015 - Neste begins to collect port fees at the Naantali refinery harbor itself
24.04.2015 - Neste Oil's Interim Report for January-March 2015
21.04.2015 - Neste Oil to revise its full-year 2015 guidance
20.04.2015 - Fire extinguished at the Neste Naantali refinery
16.04.2015 - Neste to publish its first quarter results on 24 April 2015
13.04.2015 - Neste appoints Anneli Grönfors-Kallio Vice President of Internal Audit
02.04.2015 - Neste Oil founds safety award for its contractors - first award granted to Bilfinger
01.04.2015 - Decisions taken by Neste Oil's Annual General Meeting
01.04.2015 - Neste Oil's Oil Retail business area reorganizing to improve customer service and enhance operations
01.04.2015 - Neste Oil to drop "Oil" from its name - new name adopted on June 1, 2015
01.04.2015 - Committees of Neste Oil's Board of Directors

March 2015

23.03.2015 - The largest maintenance turnaround in history to be started at Neste Oil's Porvoo refinery
18.03.2015 - Neste Oil's renewable diesel to be sold at Propel Fuel stations in California
10.03.2015 - Neste Oil and Preem enter into Patent License Agreement
10.03.2015 - Neste Oil issues EUR 500 million bond
09.03.2015 - Neste Oil's Engine Laboratory has tested fuels for 40 years
05.03.2015 - Neste Oil Corporation's disposal of own shares based on the share-based incentive plan
04.03.2015 - Neste Oil now the world's largest producer of renewable fuels from waste and residues
03.03.2015 - Neste Oil's Annual Report, Corporate Governance Statement and Remuneration Statement for 2014 published

February 2015

27.02.2015 - Neste Oil to receive EUR 23 million as a refund in the fairway due dispute
04.02.2015 - Neste Oil's Financial Statements for 2014
04.02.2015 - Invitation to the Annual General Meeting
04.02.2015 - Payment of share rewards based on the share based incentive plan as a directed share issue of own shares of the company without consideration
04.02.2015 - Neste Oil intends to change its name to Neste

January 2015

28.01.2015 - Neste Oil to publish its 2014 results on 4 February 2015
22.01.2015 - Neste Oil listed among the world's most sustainable companies in 2015
20.01.2015 - Shareholders' Nomination Board's proposal for the composition of Neste Oil's Board of Directors

December 2014

20.12.2014 - Neste Oil to revise its full-year 2014 guidance
19.12.2014 - Neste Oil and Renewable Energy Group Enter into NEXBTL License Agreement
18.12.2014 - Neste Oil to sell Kilpilahti electricity distribution network
11.12.2014 - Neste Oil supplies low sulfur marine fuel to Finnlines
09.12.2014 - Neste Oil to supply new low sulfur marine fuel to Tallink Grupp's ferries
04.12.2014 - Boeing tests Neste Oil's NEXBTL renewable diesel in an airplane
04.12.2014 - Neste Jacobs to optimize milk powder production of Valio's Seinäjoki plant by NAPCON Controller

November 2014

27.11.2014 - Neste Oil launches a new low-sulphur marine fuel in December
26.11.2014 - Neste Oil's statutory employer-employee negotiations complete - company to let 203 employees go
25.11.2014 - Neste Jacobs Selected to Implement SunPine's Tall Oil Rosin Production Facility in Piteå, Sweden
19.11.2014 - Neste Jacobs Selected to Implement Norilsk Nickel LNG Station in Harjavalta, Finland
14.11.2014 - Neste Oil among the most interesting bioenergy companies - expands into biopropane production
13.11.2014 - Neste Oil selected again to a sustainable development index and sustainable investment fund
07.11.2014 - Renewable fuels play a crucial part in reducing traffic emissions

October 2014

30.10.2014 - Neste Jacobs Renews its Organization
29.10.2014 - Neste Jacobs Awarded the Best Summer Trainee Employer in Finland
24.10.2014 - Neste Oil: Decision by the European Council to add renewable traffic fuels to the Community's energy and climate package will be critical in reducing transport emissions
23.10.2014 - Neste Oil's Interim Report for January-September 2014
22.10.2014 - Neste Oil to strengthen its commitment to respecting human and labor rights
16.10.2014 - Neste Oil's biopropane will be sold to SHV Energy
13.10.2014 - Neste Oil to publish its third quarter results on 23 October 2014
13.10.2014 - Neste Jacobs to implement production-related investments at Neste Oil refineries in Finland
08.10.2014 - Neste Oil launches Neste Pro Diesel in Lithuania
07.10.2014 - Neste Oil to make major investments in Finland, integrate the operations of its Finnish refineries, and reduce personnel
06.10.2014 - Neste Oil to refocus its R&D aimed at increasing its use of renewable inputs
06.10.2014 - Neste Jacobs to implement Neste Oil's investment in biopropane production in the Netherlands
03.10.2014 - Neste Oil to begin selling AdBlue in consumer packs

September 2014

30.09.2014 - Neste Jacobs Selected to Implement Skangass' LNG Terminal in Pori, Finland
30.09.2014 - Neste Oil's financial reporting in 2015
26.09.2014 - Neste Oil to recover CO2 at its refinery in Singapore
25.09.2014 - Neste Oil to revise the way it calculates its comparable operating profit
16.09.2014 - Neste Jacobs to Implement Borealis' Multi-million Steam Cracker Upgrade Investment in Sweden
16.09.2014 - Neste Oil has initiated measures to improve the position of migrant workers in its supply chain
15.09.2014 - Neste Oil's new Executive Vice President, Oil Retail takes over
12.09.2014 - Neste Oil selected for two Dow Jones sustainability indices
11.09.2014 - Neste Oil's Capital Markets Day in London: Enhancing competitiveness and creating growth
10.09.2014 - Neste Oil to invest in producing biopropane in Rotterdam
08.09.2014 - Neste Oil's Shareholders' Nomination Board appointed

August 2014

29.08.2014 - Neste Oil expects to complete repairs on the damaged hydrogen unit at Porvoo by the end of October; guidance for 2014 revised
20.08.2014 - Neste Oil's renewable diesel helped reduce the carbon footprint of some major events this summer
18.08.2014 - Neste Oil's Porvoo refinery to see reduced production following damage to the site's hydrogen plant
13.08.2014 - Neste Oil selects SAP for its enterprise resource planning platform
05.08.2014 - Neste Oil's Interim Report for January-June 2014

July 2014

28.07.2014 - Neste Oil to publish its second quarter results on 5 August 2014
28.07.2014 - Neste Oil Rally Helsinki Battle attracted a great audience
17.07.2014 - Legendary Group B car featuring at the Neste Oil Rally Helsinki Battle
03.07.2014 - Neste Oil's 100% NEXBTL renewable diesel to reduce the carbon footprint of this year's Flow Festival

June 2014

24.06.2014 - Neste Oil strengthens its algae oil procurement program with a new off-take agreement
23.06.2014 - Study Prepared by Neste Jacobs Supports the Establishment of Arctic Environmental Protection Centre in Finland
19.06.2014 - The track of the Neste Oil Rally Helsinki Battle has been announced
18.06.2014 - Neste Oil has successfully tested using recycled oil as a traffic fuel feedstock
16.06.2014 - Neste Oil to change its organization and the composition of the Neste Executive Board
02.06.2014 - Neste Oil Corporation: Share Repurchase 2.6.2014

May 2014

30.05.2014 - Neste Oil Corporation: Share Repurchase 30.5.2014
28.05.2014 - Neste Oil Corporation: Share Repurchase 28.5.2014
27.05.2014 - Neste Oil Corporation: Share Repurchase 27.5.2014
26.05.2014 - Neste Oil Corporation: Share Repurchase 26.5.2014

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