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Summer President in the land of windmills and tulips


Is it a bird? No. Is it a plane? Yes! Just a few examples of the questions Summer President could have asked at the airport. No flying unicorns or pterodactyls this time. Instead, there was an aircraft with the direction of Amsterdam, Netherlands. What? Did Summer President finally take company’s money and a flight abroad? Is this the end of the Summer President saga?


Summer President in the land of Moomins


Once upon a time there was a sunny and vividly green town nearby the sea. In this peculiar town the birds were singing, the sun was shining and the Moomins were rambling. This place is called Naantali and it is where the President’s summer residence is located. In this part of story the Summer President hops in, breaks the fourth wall, apologizes and tries to fix it, then breaks it again by greeting the audience. Hello and welcome!


Summer trainees' summer day!


A beautiful summer day - sun shines, birds sing instead of me and buses are filled with summer trainees of Neste Oil. This must be the recreational day of the summer trainees, yay!


Summer President and the chemicals


HCF logoAttention! Mr. Summer President has landed from his ivory tower in acrophobic intentions and partly to forward a tale from a recent journey in Helsinki Chemicals Forum. This will be the second post in English and I am proud to announce that no writing in third person takes place in this sentence. Now wait a second… I should also declare that the waffling stops now, and the sequel is all yours to read.


Summer President visits Kajaani


MikkoGreetings! What you are now observing is the Summer President’s first English blog entry. My name is Mikko Laine and I’m honored to have such a wonderful position this summer. The blog exists also in Finnish, but the entries might slightly differ from each other. For example, the language in this blog probably resembles more of Rally English in Neste Oil -styled fashion. Jump in and read more what happened in Kajaani!