Major petroleum products


Many products derived from refining crude oil – such as ethylene, propylene, butylenes, and isobutylene – are primarily intended for use as petrochemical feedstocks in the production of plastics, synthetic fibers, synthetic rubber, and other products. Some are also used as solvents, including benzene, toluene, and xylene.


Liquefied petroleum gas, consisting primarily of propane and butane, is used as a fuel and as an intermediate in manufacturing petrochemicals.


Different gasoline blends are produced as regular or premium grades in both summer and winter formulations. Additives are often used to enhance performance and provide protection against oxidation and corrosion.


A low-octane gasoline product used as a feedstock by the chemicals industry, as a feedstock for catalytic reforming, and in the production of hydrogen.

Middle distillates

Middle distillates are diesel fuel, heating oil, and kerosene.

Fuel oil

Many ships, power plants, commercial buildings, and industrial facilities use fuel oil or combinations of fuel oil and distillate fuel.


This low-value residual product of crude oil vacuum distillation is used primarily for road surfaces and in roofing materials.

Niche products

Niche products are produced in relatively small quantities and include base oils, biofuels, MTBE, ETBE, and TAME. These are commonly used as blending components for traffic fuels or in lubricants.