Refining technologies

NExTAME™ and NExETHERS™ processes in the production of mixed ethers improve gasoline quality and offer significant operational advantages, such as the capability to process any olefinic feed in the C4 to C7 range with only loose requirements for predistillation. The highest ether yields or the lowest RVP are assured on a sustained basis at reduced capital and operational cost.

NExOCTANE™ high selectivity dimerization process – alternative for MTBE. If MTBE is banned, the refiners will be faced with gasoline pool octane and volum loss. NExOCTANE™ isobutylene dimerization process offers for the refiner with a MTBE plant and for the company operating an on-purpose MTBE plant an option to convert the present asset to manufacture iso-octene.

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