Diesel fuel

Neste Oil offers its customers a wide range of low-emission, sulfur-free diesel fuels customized for the needs of local markets.

The additive package used in Neste diesel consists of detergent, anti-corrosive, lubricity, and defoaming components that have been chosen to provide an optimum match for sulfur-free fuel and Finnish driving conditions. The fuel’s zero sulfur content improves the performance of vehicles’ emission control systems, extends service life, and opens up the way for new and more fuel-efficient vehicles.

Neste diesel fuel is of a uniform quality and sold through Neste Oil Truck stations, Neste Oil service stations, and unmanned Neste Oil Express stations. High quality and excellent environmental performance were priorities when developing Neste diesel.

You can rely on Neste diesel whatever the time of year. All five grades deliver exactly what they promise.

All the diesel fuel supplied by Neste Oil in Finland and the other Nordic countries is sulfur-free.

Contact Info:

Email: oilproducts@nesteoil.com