Base oils


Neste Oil is a global producer of premium-quality base oils for modern engine lubrication technologies. Our high-quality VHVI base oils enable engines to deliver high-level performance and power without compromising fuel economy or environmental standards. Neste Oil's base oils are marketed under NEXBASE® trademark and they are available in hydroisomerized API Group III base oils.

Our extensive NEXBASE formulation portfolio is developed to meet the most demanding OEM requirements and the diversified needs of customers in different markets.

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Neste Oil Observations Blog

Neste Oil Observations is Neste Oil's base oil blog, where our experts share their views on topical themes.





New engines expect a lot from lubricants

21 October 2014

Smaller, more powerful engines offering lower fuel consumption and lower emissions. That’s quite a combination. But it’s a challenge that lubricants based on Neste Oil’s Group III base oils can handle very well.



Working in Base Oils: Katleen Seyen

Katleen Seyen, Sales Administrator, tells why Neste Oil's base oils customer service is so special and why she likes working there.



Working in Base Oils: Chris Castanien

Chris Castanien, Neste Oil's Technical Services Manager for the Americas, gives a brief introduction to base oil spesifications and Group III base oils.





Best lubrication for windmills

25 June 2014

The properties of a formulation based on the NEXBASE group III base oil are similar to that of synthetic PAO-based products. Lubricants are subjected to heavy stresses in the gear box of a windmill.