Safety and environment

Ensuring safe operations

  • Marine transportations of Neste Oil are managed using certified quality, environmental, and safety systems.

  • We prioritize training in all aspects of our operations.

    • Extensive training and maintenance helps minimize the risk of accidents.

    • Particular priority is given to ensuring a safe workplace for all our employees.

  • All the tankers used by Neste Oil are ice-reinforced and feature a double hull.

  • Two escort tugs at Naantali and Porvoo harbors ensure the safe passage of large tankers in and out of port there.
Minimizing environmental impact
  • We use comprehensive systems and practices to monitor the health, safety, and environmental aspects of our operations.

    • Neste Shipping was the world's first tanker shipping company to be granted ISO 14001 environmental certification for its vessels and shipping operations already on 1997.

  • Environmental protection is an integral part of our management systems and a core component of Neste Oil's cleaner traffic strategy.

    • Our goal is to continuously reduce our emissions and impact on the environment.
    • We use natural resources responsibly and take sustainable development into account in all aspects of our decision-making.