Neste Shipping in brief

Neste Shipping Oy is 100%-owned by Neste Oil Corporation, a refining and marketing company focusing on low-emission, high-quality traffic fuels.

Key figures 2013

26,8 Mtons
Fleet utilization rate
94,7 %
Port calls

Oil transportation with a Nordic focus

Neste Shipping has decades of experience of operating in tough winter weather and the unique conditions typical of the Baltic, where voyages are short and port calls frequent. We have also over 30 years experience for oil transportations to the Greenland. 2011 and 2012 MT Palva and MT Stena Poseidon have sailed through NRS (Northern Sea Route).

A quality fleet known for its efficiency

Our quality fleet consists of some 14 tankers. Eight tankers are sailing under the Finnish flag. Rest of the fleet is time-chartered from first class operators. We expect the best of ourselves and the best of our partners. Continuous improvement and monitoring that we always perform at our best are key priorities for us at Neste Shipping.