Sales contacts

Sales contacts



Neste Eesti AS
Sõpruse pst 155
EE-13417 Tallinn

tel.  +372 628 5500
fax: +372 628 5507

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Neste Eesti AS is engaged in direct sales of petroleum products, as well as retail sales via its Neste service station network. Thanks to the company's own oil terminal in Muuga harbour, the quality of petroleum products can be guaranteed to conform with both the internal quality requirements of Neste and the quality requirements of car manufacturers. Futura 95 gasoline is currently being imported into Estonia from the Porvoo refinery.

Neste was the first western oil company to start operations in the Estonian market in 1990. The company was also the initiator of automated stations in the Baltic area. In the Baltic countries, Neste currently only has automated stations (Neste A24/D), which are open 24h/day.

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SIA Neste Latvija
58a Bauskas Street
LV-1004 Riga

tel. +371 710 3355
fax: +371 710 3375

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SIA Neste Latvija is engaged in direct sales of petroleum products, as well as retail sales via its Neste service station network. The company has its own oil terminal in Riga harbour, completed in 1998, through which the petroleum products are forwarded to the station network and direct sales.

The station network of Neste in the Baltic States consists of automated A24/D stations that sell high-quality unleaded fuels containing the Futura additive. All of the stations are open 24h/day.


UAB Neste Lietuva
P.Luksio str. 32
LT-08222 Vilnius

tel. +370 5 212 3389
fax: +370 5 2123194

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UAB Neste Lietuva is engaged in direct sales of petroleum products, as well as retail sales via its Neste service station network. The stations in Lithuania are, as in other Baltic countries, automated A24 stations, open 24h/day.

The sold fuels conform with the quality criteria of both Neste and the car manufacturers, and contain the Futura additive developed by Neste.


OOO Neste St. Petersburg
Pulkovskoe shosse 32a
196158 St. Petersburg

tel. +7 812 703 0616
fax +7 812 373 1313

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Neste St. Petersburg is a significant petroleum product marketing company in Russia, where the company is engaged in retail sales of petroleum products, as well as direct sales, via its Neste service station network.

Thanks to the company's own oil terminal in St. Petersburg harbour, the availability and high quality of petroleum products can be guaranteed. The Neste service station network in the St. Petersburg and Vyborg region comprises both manned service stations and unmanned automated A24/D stations. Regardless of the type, all of the service stations are open 24h/day.

Neste Oil's core business in Russia includes the purchase, sale and logistics of crude oil and feedstock, and retail sales of petroleum products via the service stations.

Neste Oil (Suisse) S.A.
Chemin des Coquelicots 16
1214 Vernier

tel.: +41 22 561 8000
fax: +41 22 341 3709

Neste Oil (Suisse) S.A. is an international sales and trading office of Neste Oil’s oil products. Its market area covers all other markets, excluding the Scandinavian market. In the North American market Neste Oil Suisse is co-operating with the local offices.



Neste Oil N.V.
Industrieweg 154

tel: +32 11 45 95 11
fax:+32 11 45 95 12

The Global Customer Service Center that takes care of the order-delivery process of all the NEXBASE base oil products is located in Beringen, Belgium.



Neste Canada Inc.
Water Park Place
10 Bay Street, Suite 320

tel. +1 416 368 1600
fax +1 416 368 4884


Neste Canada Inc., based in Toronto, offers trading services of petroleum products to the local market.

United States

Neste Petroleum Inc.
1800 West Loop South, Suite 1700

tel. +1 713 407 4400
fax +1 713 407 4480


In the United States, Neste Oil has companies offering sales services for crude oil and petroleum products. From its own refineries in Finland, Neste Oil exports various motor gasoline grades that fulfil the strict US quality requirements.

In the United States, Neste Petroleum, Inc. and Neste Trading provide Neste Oil with crude oil, petroleum product and components trading services that support, for example, the sales of gasoline and gasoline components.

The trading office of Neste Oil is located in Houston.

Middle East

Neste Oil Middle East Dubai Branch
Khalid Al Attar Tower
First floor, 102A,
Sheikh Zayed Road
P.O.Box 9395, Dubai
United Arab Emirates

tel. +971 4 331 4315
fax +971 4 332 2010

Neste Oil has a long history in the Middle East. All of the activities in the Middle East are coordinated at the Dubai office, which was opened in the early 1980s.

Neste Jacobs Oy, a Neste Oil company, has prepared the basic design for the Borouge polyethene plant in Abu Dhabi, and sold a licence for a TAME plant to be constructed in Sohar, Oman.


Neste Oil Singapore PTE Ltd
250 North Bridge Road
#17-01 Raffles City Tower
179101 Singapore 

tel. +65- 6223 1222
fax +65- 6223 3246

Neste Oil began operating the world's largest renewable diesel refinery in Singapore in 2010.

Neste Oil trading in Singapore takes care of the sales of gasoline components for the local market.


Neste Oil AB
Strandvägen 7A
114 56 Stockholm

tel. +46 7053 48055


Neste Oil AB represents Neste Oil Oyj in marketing, advocacy and other supporting activities for the Scandinavian market.