Sustainability management

Neste Oil’s approach to sustainability is based on the company’s sustainability policy and is an essential part of Neste Oil's business operations. Sustainability is also one of Neste Oil’s four values. Neste Oil’s sustainability work is being managed through Neste Oil Sustainable Way program's six focus areas.

Managing sustainability is integral to the work of senior management at Neste Oil. Performance in this area is one of the factors determining the incentives paid to management, and how well the company performs in terms of accident frequency, for example, will affect the bonus paid to the President & CEO for 2014. 


Neste Oil Sustainable Way




We provide cleaner traffic solutions that help people enjoy being on the move and reduce the environmental impact of being mobile.



We listen to our stakeholders. We respect human rights and international norms. We generate prosperity and wellbeing for our stakeholders, pay our taxes, and provide employment.



We act determinedly to prevent incidents and accidents.

Climate and resource efficiency


We respect and protect the environment.



In Neste Oil work feels good and does good.

Sustainable supply chain


We are committed to sustainability throughout our supply chain.